Racecourse Ground

As the home football stadium of Wrexham AFC, Racecourse Ground is located in Wrexham, North Wales. The grand football stadium breaks Guinness World Records again and again, becoming the oldest football stadium still hosting significant competitions. It has hosted much more significant international football competitions, compared with other football stadiums. When a match against Manchester United, the football stadium accommodated 34,445 spectators at a time, reaching the highest point in its history in 1957.

As the biggest football stadium in North Wales and the fifth-largest football stadium of Wales, it is used as a pitch for the international matches by FAW. In addition to some professional football competitions, other sports events and matches have been hold at the Racecourse Ground, including cricket and horse racing. Not only sports events, but also recreational and cultural activities could be took place there. In 2015, the television film also took the football stadium as a filming location.

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