Estadio La Cartuja

Estadio La Cartuja, simply referred as La Cartuja, is as multi-purpose football stadium rather than a football-special stadium, locating in Seville, Spain, with a capacity of 60,000 spectators. It was also took as a football stadium for the 2003 UEFA Cup Final. In 2004 and 2008, it was also included into the football stadium, which were used to bid for two Olympic Games. After failing to win the host rights of the Olympic Games, the football stadium was took as a temporary football pitch for both Real Betis and Sevilla, for their football stadiums are under renovation.

In 2012, the home match of Spain national football team has been hold there. Confronting 35,000 spectators, the world-wide renowned Mexican singer Luis Miguel held a large-size concert, taking the football stadium as a leg among many wonderful Amarte Es Un Placer Tour. In addition, American Madonna also held a unique concert facing 47,712 spectators during her Sticky & Sweet Tour. The football stadium is popular among football lovers for its novel design, modernized facility and convenient access.

Wanda Metropolitano

Wanda Metropolitano is a renowned football stadium in Madrid, Spain, with a capacity of 20,000 spectators. It has been taken as the home football stadium from the 2017-18 season. The football stadium was originally built for the failed bid to the hosting rights of the 1997 World Athletics Championships. Until 1997, the football stadium was inaugurated by the Community of Madrid. Then in 2004, the football stadium was closed for the bidding to the 2016 Olympics by Spain. And in 2013, the football stadium became the property of Atlético Madrid.

After transfer of the football stadium’s ownership, the Atlético Madrid declared to build a new football stadium on the location of La Peineta. The football stadium can accommodate 67,703 spectators watching competitions under the roof at a time. The football stadium is widely regarded as a renowned stadium by many football lovers. Many significant football competitions have been hold there, such as the second leg of the 1996 Supercopa de España, the 9th IAAF World Cup and the 2018–19 UEFA Champions League.

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium | Football Stadium

The home football stadium of the Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is located in Madrid, Spain, with a capacity of 81,044 spectators. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest football stadiums, having hosted many significant international competitions.

For increasingly expanding needs in many respects, renovation plans of the football stadium have been proposed for many times. The capacity of the football stadium will increased if it is renovated according to new renovation scheme. In 1955, the football stadium experienced the first renovation, with its capacity reaching to 125,000 spectators.

The second renovation has been conducted in the early 1980s, improving the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in many aspects, such as seating area, capacity and electronic signs. In additional to some international competitions, the football stadium could be also used as an arena of large-sized concerts, solo concerts and recreational activities. For many football lovers and loyal football fans, the football stadium is equipped with modern facilities.

Camp Nou | Football Stadium

The Camp Nou’s construction work was completed in 1957, being the home stadium of Fc Barcelona since its inauguration. As the second-largest football stadium in Spain and in Europe, it is equipped with many modern and advanced fundamental infrastructures, with a capacity of 99,354 spectators. Many significant international matches have been hold there, such as European Cup, Champions League finals, the 1982 FIFA World Cup and a final at the 1992 Summer Olympics. For increasingly needs of every aspect, the Camp Nou was built from Mar. 1954.

In order to offer a perfect celebration for the football stadium at the 50th anniversary, the FC Barcelona intended to reconstruct the football stadium, thus issuing international center to collect good schemes and ideas. In the end, the capacity was increased to 13,500 spectators, at least one half of seats there in the shades of roof. In 2007, a British architect Norman Foster and his group became the conductor of the project at a cost of a large sum of money.

Racecourse Ground

As the home football stadium of Wrexham AFC, Racecourse Ground is located in Wrexham, North Wales. The grand football stadium breaks Guinness World Records again and again, becoming the oldest football stadium still hosting significant competitions. It has hosted much more significant international football competitions, compared with other football stadiums. When a match against Manchester United, the football stadium accommodated 34,445 spectators at a time, reaching the highest point in its history in 1957.

As the biggest football stadium in North Wales and the fifth-largest football stadium of Wales, it is used as a pitch for the international matches by FAW. In addition to some professional football competitions, other sports events and matches have been hold at the Racecourse Ground, including cricket and horse racing. Not only sports events, but also recreational and cultural activities could be took place there. In 2015, the television film also took the football stadium as a filming location.